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“If it works, why should I care?” Don’t make the common mistake of believing multi-tenancy is the same as multi-user or multi- enterprise clouds: “Multi tenancy Vs Multi Instance in CCaaS / UCaaS clouds..

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ISDN Commands (CISCO)

show isdn active Shows ISDN calls in progress show isdn history Shows ISDN call history show isdn status Shows ISDN line status show isdn timers Shows ISDN timer values debug isdn events Displays ISDN events in real time debug isdn… Continue Reading →

csim start “dial-string” (CISCO)

csim start dial-string Simulates a call to the specified dial string. It is most useful when testing dial plans. Here is the output from csim start # for a successful and an unsuccessful call. The unsuccessful call will have this… Continue Reading →

Commands to Verify Voice Ports (CISCO)

show voice port Shows all voice port configurations in detail show voice port slot/subunit/port Shows one voice port configuration in detail show voice port summary Shows all voice port configurations in brief show voice busyout Shows all ports configured as… Continue Reading →

CISCO : FXS Configuration Parameters

CISCO FXS port configuration allows you to set parameters based on the requirements of the connection. You can alter the default settings and fine-tune the parameters for specific needs. For example, you might need to connect an older phone with… Continue Reading →

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