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“If it works, why should I care?” Don’t make the common mistake of believing multi-tenancy is the same as multi-user or multi- enterprise clouds: “Multi tenancy Vs Multi Instance in CCaaS / UCaaS clouds..

Download Complete Whitepaper : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-I0ckywnDJfV0ZoNWZhLUxPN2RHcWlCX09wdlFJd0pRdEow/view?usp=sharing_eid

Due Diligence: 50 Questions for Cloud Computing Providers by techbridge

Requirements/Functionality Questions:  Does your SaaS application meet the functional requirements of my organization? Will your application fit the evolving needs of my organization as time goes by? Does your application require that I significantly alter my existing organization workflows? Reliability… Continue Reading →

Cloud Contact Center Enterprise

The cloud is simply a delivery model for information technology services. Instead of installing and maintaining software, data and other services in-house and on-site, these services can be hosted remotely and accessed via the Internet from anywhere. As networking technology… Continue Reading →

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