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GVP 8.x – CTI Connector Call Flow (Genesys)

    Media Gateway sends Invite to SIP Server – SIP Header contains info about the call including ANI and DNIS.  In this case the initial destination is a URS controlled Route Point SIP Server forwards the call information to… Continue Reading →

GVP 8.x Inter-process Communication

GVP 8.x uses SIP messages to communicate with one another. So understanding SIP call flows and how to read SIP messages is pretty much fundamental. Unfortunately, I cannot get into the details of the SIP protocol during this Tech Tutorial,… Continue Reading →

Voice eXtensible Markup Language (VoiceXML)

The Voice eXtensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) is an XML-based, industry-standard language for creating voice applications, much as HTML is a language for developing visual applications. VoiceXML is defined and promoted by an industry forum, the VoiceXML Forum, founded by AT&T,… Continue Reading →

GVP – Basic Inbound-Call Flow

Genesys Voice Portal – Basic Inbound-Call Flow 1. A call comes in to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Server from an external source through a third-party media gateway. The SIP Server passes the call to the VP Resource Manager (SIP… Continue Reading →

Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal

Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (Unified CVP) provides carrier-class IVR services on Voice over IP (VoIP) networks. It can perform basic prompt-and-collect or advanced self-service applications with CRM database integration and with automated speech recognition (ASR)… Continue Reading →

GVP uses the following communication protocols

• SIP—For call-control messaging between the Resource Manager and SIP Server, and for resource-management messaging between the Resource Manager and GVP resource components. • HTTP—For fetch communications among the NGI/CCXMLI, Fetching Module, and Squid Caching Proxy, and between the Fetching… Continue Reading →

Customer Voice Portal Introduction

Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal uses REST based APIs to address the “Service Fulfillment” and “Service Assurance” requirements. Service fulfillment APIs are focused on the management of Media files on CVP Media servers and VXML applications on CVP VXML Servers…. Continue Reading →

GVP : Genesys Voice Portal

  Genesys Voice Platform is a software-only solution that runs on off-the-shelf hardware and software. Genesys Voice Platform is based on VoiceXML and interoperates with any voice application that is written to this standard, empowering companies to conduct business interactions… Continue Reading →

AVAYA Voice Portal

AVAYA Voice Portal network consists of the Voice Portal system and other external systems. The Voice Portal system consists of two major subsystems: • The Voice Portal Management System (VPMS), which controls the Voice Portal system. • One or more… Continue Reading →

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