IP Telephony & Contact Center Architects

It is a Professional Group of Qualified IP Telephony & Contact Center Architects  who is having exposure & expertise of IP Telephoney & Contact Center Technologies across the platform.

Our Team consists of highly enthusiastic and passionate professionals who all are die-hard fans of IP Telephoney & Contact Center Technologies and it’s associated technologies.

Provide value-added services to members and the entire user community irrespective of any product. Create a forum where all members may share successes, issues and concerns related to IP Telephoney & Contact Center Technologies irrespective of any product.

Provide an environment for accurate and timely spreading of information about products and services offering across the globe the contact center vender of service providers.

Provide a canal for members to receive important information regarding changes in the industry.

We hope you enjoy IP Telephony & Contact Center Architects Portal!

born to learn & share … A small effort to give back to the internet community what we gained from !!

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