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Top 10 Questions to Ask Any Contact Center Technology Provider

What Does the Proposed Vender Contact Center Solution Do? How Long Will It Take To Deploy? What Will The Technology Cost To Deploy? What Will The Technology Cost To Own? What Is The System’s Scalability? How Reliable Is The Technology?… Continue Reading →


The term “trunk” has been used within circuit switched telephony systems for many years. Wikipedia defines a trunk as: A circuit between telephone switchboards or other switching equipment, as distinguished from local loop circuits which extend from telephone exchange switching… Continue Reading →

Unified Communications Strategies

http://www.ucstrategies.com/ UC Strategies is an industry resource for enterprises, vendors, system integrators, and anyone interested in the growing Unified Communications arena. A supplier of objective information on Unified Communications, UC Strategies is supported by an alliance of leading communication industry… Continue Reading →

Role Of Session Border Controller In SIP Trunk Deployments

Regardless of which SIP trunk deployment model is selected, businesses will need a new gateway function performed in their network that is different from the traditional TDM gateway. SIP trunking requires a network function that adapts or translates differing VoIP… Continue Reading →

Best Practices in Workforce Management

By Allan Rosenberg 05/01/2005, 12:31 PM ET Workforce management (WFM) sounds more inclusive than it actually is. In the call center environment, WFM encompasses four key processes: forecasting the volume of customer contacts, using the forecasts to create agent schedules… Continue Reading →

GVP : Genesys Voice Portal

  Genesys Voice Platform is a software-only solution that runs on off-the-shelf hardware and software. Genesys Voice Platform is based on VoiceXML and interoperates with any voice application that is written to this standard, empowering companies to conduct business interactions… Continue Reading →

SIP Trunking no longer just connects enterprise PBX premise-equipment to a service provider’s network – they deliver full Unified Communications.

SIP Trunking solutions are designed to help enterprises with an existing premise-base communication solution to start their migration to cloud-delivered communication services. SIP Trunking no longer just ensures business continuity, with rich group features, they now provide businesses with access… Continue Reading →

Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer leverages your existing CRM system or database in order to place outbound calls to targeted customers. Unlike preview calls, predictive calls are dialed automatically and without agent involvement. Positive Voice Detection technology is utilized to distinguish between an… Continue Reading →

Request Message Format of SIP

In the previous SIP session example we have seen that requests are sent by clients to servers. We will now discuss what that request actually contains. The following is the format of INVITE request as sent by user1. INVITE sip:user2@server2.com… Continue Reading →

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