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Known SIP responses

  1xx   :Informational Responses 100 Trying extended search being performed may take a significant time so a forking proxy must send a 100 Trying response 180 Ringing 181 Call Is Being Forwarded 182 Queued 183 Session Progress 2xx   :Successful Responses … Continue Reading →

Best practices for SIP NAT traversal

   By Adrian Georgescu Traversing NAT (Network Address Translation) is one of the issues that hinder SIP communications. Some background about the problem: With an ideal Internet, all devices would be able to communicate end to end without any intermediaries… Continue Reading →

Contact Center Terms – Acronyms

ACD : Automatic Call Distributor ACS : Automatic Call Sequencer ACW : After Call Work ADSL : Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line AHT : Average Handling Time AHT : Average Holding Time on Trunks AIN : Advanced Intelligent Network ANI :… Continue Reading →

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