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ISDN Commands (CISCO)

show isdn active Shows ISDN calls in progress show isdn history Shows ISDN call history show isdn status Shows ISDN line status show isdn timers Shows ISDN timer values debug isdn events Displays ISDN events in real time debug isdn… Continue Reading →


Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) – A system, usually serving a large contact center that automatically directs incoming calls to available sales or service representatives. With ISDN, ACDs can be programmed to read the incoming ANI, and direct the call to… Continue Reading →

General Cisco Unified Contact Center Architecture

Actual software components or nodes that make up the Cisco UCCE architecture. The important components to be aware of are as follows: ■ Router: The router performs the real-time processing of contacts based on its view of the contact center,… Continue Reading →

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